Snake Bites Piercings Types and Ideas

Snake bites Piercing is a type of lip piercing in which holes on both sides of the lower lip are opened with the same distance. In recent years, snake bite Piercing, which has become popular among young people who want to create their own style and look different and remarkable, has adopted this name because it creates a snake-tooth-like appearance. It can also be called “snake bite Piercing” in Turkish, but its commonly used Name is snake bite Piercing.

What you should know before you get Snake bites Piercings

Getting a Piercing is exciting for many people, but there are some sensitive issues that require attention.

The Person you are going to pierce must definitely be trained. Before hiring the person you want to have pierced, be sure to ask if they have a certification. The Piercing may seem simple, but the unconscious Piercing of an untrained person with non-sterile tools can lead to infection.

The other thing you should pay attention to is that the material to be attached is suitable for your skin. Titanium and steel piercings are generally used. Titanium is lighter and less allergenic than steel. If you are allergic to metals, you can use non-metallic Piercings called Bioplasts.